Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our perfect Christmas Tree!

This last weekend we got our Christmas Tree. We headed to Owasso Tree & Berry Farm. This last season was not a good year for berries, so i was a bit worried about what the tree selection was going to be like. We had plenty to choose from at many different price points.
I'm not sure if ALL of the trees that were for sale were actually grown here, but I felt better about buying them here, instead of going to Wal-Mart or Home Depot. The prices were not bad at all, we got our tree for $35.00! I'm happy with that price!

  We had so many trees to choose from!!
While Casey looked for the perfect tree; Colton and I took a hay ride around the tree farm and I had some free Hot Apple Cider!!
When we got back Casey got our final approval on the perfect tree. Colton liked it, however it was a bit cold by this point. So I guess this is what cold/happy Colton looks like!

However the highlight of Colton's trip was the free Candy Canes!!
I LOVE the smell of pine trees. It is one of my favorite things about Christmas. I actually light pine scented candles around the house all year long. However they can't compete to the smell of a real tree. I asked Casey if we could keep a tree up all year long. He said we could, if we wanted to be the crazy people in the neighborhood. If i can have the smell of pine trees all year long, I don't care if people think I'm crazy ;)
Here is our perfect Christmas tree!! It is perfect!! I have always had a very colorful tree growing up, so C3 has continued that tradition.
We each have our favorite ornament.
Casey and I's first Christmas together he told me about an ice skating owl he loved growing up and how he always wanted to hang the owl. Well I found one on EBay and surprised him with it that year! This ice skating owl is Casey's favorite ornament.
I don't have one favorite ornament. I have 4! My grandmommy makes an ornament each year for Colton. So all 4 years are my favorite. Not only does she make these ornaments for each of the great grand kids, she made ME an ornament each year until I was 18. If you were to see my parents tree, they would have 18 ornaments with my picture and 18 ornaments with my sisters picture. We loved opening them up each year and looking back on all the years. There are a few ornaments from my awkward years (braces) that would be intentionally placed in the back of the tree :) I'm so happy grandmommy has continued to keep the tradition with the great grand kids!


bosu said...

Thank you Crystal! This makes us feel like we're there with you! Love the c3's!

Ashes said...

colorful christmas trees are the way to go! mono-colored trees are for boring adults.

Jessica B. said...

Love the tradition from your grandmommy with the picture ornaments each year! :)