Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Casey's Creations- Pinterest Challenge- Key Ring Holder

We saw this on Pinterest a few weeks back.
We don't have a key ring holder but it's on my list of things to eventually buy.
I showed Casey this picture and he said "I can make that for you". I said "OK!"

Casey hit up the antique/junk store the town north of us and was able to find the right letters!
He got the K - E - Y - and the S for $6. He also purchased the hooks for $3. The rest of the supplies (wood and paint) he already had on hand. So for $9 we have an awesome key holder!

I like our design better than the original!
Did I mention I have a very handy husband??

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Ashes said...

He's SO handy! Why doesn't he have an etsy account? You could retire!