Wednesday, June 8, 2011

St. Louis

The St. Louis Arch!

Joplin, MO

Our neighbor/friend needed to go to St.Louis to pick up a piano that has been in his wife's family and is now being passed on to them. Casey and Tarey (our neighbor) have been talking about a guys road trip, so they headed up to St. Louis for 2 days. It's about 5 1/2 hours from Tulsa.

On the way to St. Louis they stopped in Joplin. So sad.

In St.Louis the went up the Arch, visited a brewery, had dinner with Tarey's mother in law, visited a cavern and went to Trader Joe's! ( we were out of our favorite pancake mix).

One day C3 would like to go back to St.Louis. I hear the zoo is great and free!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Ah, St. Louis and Trader Joe's - two of my very favorite things.

Ashley Slater said...

oh is so easy to forget about the devastation when you aren't in it...

thanks for the compliment on my blog! thanks so much visiting me, I looove new friends!