Saturday, June 25, 2011

He's a trooper!!!

I knew this day would come eventual with a VERY active 3 year old boy; we had our first visit to the ER last week.

Colton stepped on the blade to my food processor :(

While doing the dishes Colton must have taken the blade out while I was not looking. Next thing I hear is him crying in the living room. It was a "hurt cry", not an "I'm upset cry". When I rushed into the living room there was blood everywhere! I grabbed a towel, my shoes, and my purse and rushed to the ER not knowing what to expect. All I saw was a lot of blood and knew this was going to take more than a band aid and a kiss.

9 stitches and 2 hours later we left the hospital. Colton did really well, well as well as a 3 year old can with being pinned down and having shots and needles poked and prodded into his foot.

After the stitches the nurse gave him a Popsicle. It was all he needed to he happy again!

Wouldn't that be nice if a Popsicle was all I needed to make a bad day better :)

Checking out his "band-age".



Lisa said...

OMG! Poor Colton. That story made my stomach flip. The food processor blade! I'm glad he's feeling better.

bosu said...

He was a lucky boy! Wish I could hug him!