Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Village Creek State Park- Arkansas

For Memorial Day Weekend C3 went camping with Nene and Papa. It was our first time camping in Arkansas. We had a great time and thought Village Creek State Park was very nice.

They had a playground for buddy! Always a plus!

Fishing for the family. Side note- Colton's fishing pole did not make it back to the dock, it is somewhere at the bottom of this lake :(

Fun times with Nene and Papa.

Movie night at campsite A.

Dutch Oven cooking!

A lake for Colton to "swim".

"Ladies and Gentleman here's Colton" State for a dance party in the woods!

And lots of outdoor activities to keep crazy Colton busy!

Overall we would give this park 7 1/2 stars out of 10.

There are three things we did not like about the state park.

1. BUGS BUGS and more BUGS

2. The bathrooms were not cleaned on a regular basis

3. Lots of traffic on campsite B- there is free beach access near where we were staying and a lot of local families and teens came to the beach. Many drove by way too fast to get the beach.

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