Monday, October 18, 2010

Tugaloo State Park

Last weekend C3 spent the weekend at Tugaloo State Park. It was a nice camp with many lake front campsites. Ours was not lakefront, however friends of ours were also camping there this weekend, and they had a waterfront site. The actual campsites seemed a bit close to one another and we felt that we were right on top of other campers. Luckily our neighbors all had young children and dogs too! This campsite has cable hookup, so on Saturday all seemed to be watching the Georgia Football Game. We did not bring a TV! While at the park, we walked part of the 3.6 mile trail that circled the park. We also spent some time at the playground. The bathrooms were cleanish. We had a good time and were glad we camped there, it is only an hour drive from our house. We were at Campsite #84- Right next to one of the "comfort stations" . Visiting our friends, Kayla and Jonathan. They were at campsite #68, waterfront. Tocca Falls- about a 20 minute drive from Tugaloo State Park, it was so pretty and a very easy walk. There is a fee to view the falls; $1 for adults, Colton was free! Kayla and Jonathan

C3 at the falls!

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