Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm back!

So it has MONTHS since my last post. I will try and post more often. I realize friends and family check my posts to find out what we are up to in Oklahoma! So I'm starting over again today with blogging.

My first post after my blogging hiatus is about my recent 5k and running. For the last 12 weeks i have been running with a club Tuesday and Thursday nights. I have come a long way, however i still have A LONG way to go!

Our first week we ran for 1 min, and walked for 3. After 12 weeks we are now running for 5 and walking for 2; 6 times.

 We ran our graduation race yesterday morning. The Bedlam 5K, it was sponsored by OSU and OU alumni association and put on by Tulsa's Fleet Feet.

The night before the race I put together my Race Dummy to make sure i had all i needed . This was recommended by our race coaches, that way we don't forget an important item the day of the race.

We met early to take a group picture of our graduating class.
 ( more pictures to come, once they have been posted online)

Then the race began at 7:30am. I finished, and I guess that is what matters; but i was hoping to do a bit better than I did. It just motivates me to keep going and try harder. I'm looking forward to running in cooler weather. I hope that will help.

This picture was taken just after we all finished! These are some of my friends from my running club.
Dawn, Tracey, Me, and Meridith
Without these girls running would not be as fun. They are always so positive and motivating.

We couldn't pass up the "photo booth" after the race as well.

Well it's good to be back to blogging. I will try to be better this time ( I feel like i say this a lot) and post pictures of what C3 is up to. It's always an adventure with us!

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Ashes said...

So glad you're back!