Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Camera, No Problem

Casey was out of town this weekend visiting his brothers in Savannah, GA. So Colton and I met up with some friends and visited Campbell's Covered Bridge. This bridge was pretty neat and only a 30 minute drive from our house. We did not stat too long, it was cold and raining while we were there. We realized that there was not a memory card in the camera, so all pictures were taken with my cell phone.

Campbell Covered Bridge- Built in 1909- Travelers Rest, SC

While Casey visited his brothers in Savannah, he also got a chance to visit Skidaway Island State Park. He was going to take pictures of his long boards. He forgot his camera. However he did take a picture of the sign as prof he was there- We can check one more Georgia State Park off the list.

He said the park was OK, not sure if we will actually go back to camp. The campgrounds were not as neat as some others we have stayed at and he said there did not seem like much to do other than hike. No historical sites to see.

Skidaway Island State Park

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