Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Halloween, Birthday, and Anniversary!

C3 celebrated Halloween, Colton's 2nd Birthday, and our 1 Year Anniversary all in the same weekend. An ex-c0-worker of mine in Florida had plans to come up and stay a night in Greenville. Her plans changed at the last minute, and she had a hotel room at the Hyatt Downtown that was non-refundable. We stayed Halloween night at the Hyatt, had a nice anniversary dinner in our Halloween costumes, then went to a Halloween party at the Hyatt.
We had a low key birthday for Colton this year, no party. We took him to Toy's R Us and let him pick out his own gifts. He literally stood in the Disney Cars aisle for 30 minutes looking at all the Cars, then finally deciding on a car that he already had and a few other matchbox cars. We also got him his own mini Birthday cake that he devoured.

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